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Make Your Home Winter Ready

Make Your Home Winter Ready

A few simple steps you can follow to ensure you home is ready for the cold winter weather ahead. Ensuring your home is properly prepared can save you money and protect your property for years to come. 

  • Plumbing & Water

    • Drain all water from garden hoses and outside faucets and arrange to have your in-ground sprinklers blown out. Turn off water access to the outside of the house to help minimize pipe bursts. 
  • Energy Efficiency

    • Check the weather stripping around all doors and windows, and caulk any gaps. Make sure any vents to the outside are properly sealed to prevent drafts in the home.

  • Fireplace

    • Be sure to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected before using it to make sure the chimney is clear of debris. 
  • Clear your Drains

    • Ensure all sewer drains around your property are clear and free of leaves. This will minimize the chances of water entering your home when snow thaws. 
  • Prepare for Winter Storms

    • Have a fully stocked emergency kit including flashlights, batteries, blankets, candles, matches, water etc in case of a large storm and/or power outages. 
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