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Slip and Fall Prevention

Slip and Fall Prevention

The potential for slip and fall incidents is a concern for both homeowners and businesses. Building owners, tenants, and homeowners have a legal obligation to maintain their premises and ensure that their property is safe.

Inspect your property regularly to ensure it is free of debris and potential tripping hazards. During the winter it is also important to check your eaves troughs and downspouts to ensure they aren’t leaking. Water can collect and create a patch of ice which could lead to a slip and fall. Have salt and gravel handy to keep pathways and driveways safe during the winter season.

Policies are limited to the amount they will pay if you are sued for a slip and fall or similar incident. It’s important to review the liability limit on your policy to ensure that you have adequate coverage.  The best protection against a potential lawsuit is to keep your property maintained and repair any problem areas or uneven surfaces as quickly as possible.

If there is an incident on your property, contact your broker immediately to report it, and be sure to gather all significant details.
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