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Getting your House Ready for the Spring Market

Getting your House Ready for the Spring Market

So you’re thinking of selling your house this spring and you’d like to be in your new place by summer to sit back and enjoy the warmth we are craving at this time of year.  Here are some tips on getting your current home in show ready condition:

1.       DE-CLUTTER EVERYTHING. By everything, we mean everything.  Tackle each room individually and empty all closets, cupboards, vanities, storage areas and the garage. Pack up, donate or get rid of anything you don’t want/need to bring to your new home.

2.       Kitchen: clear & clean out all cupboards, cabinets, pantries, the fridge and yes even the oven. Take everything out of the cupboards, vacuum and wipe them clean. Clean out the fridge and turn on the self-clean option for your oven. Buyers open these things, especially if they are included in the listing.

3.       Bathrooms:  re-caulk the tub, clean the grout, replace any leaky or old faucets. Make sure mirrors are clean and put all personal hygiene items out of sight. Towels should be dry and preferably white if they are going to be displayed. White shower curtains help the room feel bigger too.

4.       Bedrooms: organizing your closet is a huge step to illustrating that you have lots of storage for your clothes. If you are cramped for space, take out half your clothing and pack it away for the move (like all those summer dresses, tanks, shorts, sandals). Hide or remove personal items from your dressers & night stands.  Never leave any valuables around even if they are hidden.

5.       Basement: if unfinished place items in the middle of the room so Buyers can have a look at the walls. If fully finished, de-clutter and make the space feel cozy and inviting. If your kids play room or toys are down here organize them as best as you can.

6.       Paint goes a long way for the cost. Use neutral tones in rooms that have very bright, personal colours. Touch up baseboards, trim, window sills or doorways that have been nicked over time.

7.       Make sure all lights are working and that all burnt out light bulbs are replaced. Especially the hard to reach ones. This includes outdoors, the garage, crawlspace and utility rooms.

8.       Pets: Litter boxes are best stored in the basement and should be cleaned twice a day to eliminate any odors. Dog beds should be hidden under your bed and food bowls should be put away for showings.  The pet hair is pretty self-explanatory: make sure there isn’t any! Vacuum/Sweep daily and use lint rollers on furniture if necessary. If you have an animal with a bit of a smell, Febreeze every morning before you leave but don’t use strong air fresheners they only mask smells and many people are allergic to them.

9.       Fix or repair anything that you have been meaning to get around to. Sticky door handle? Maybe get a new one.  Broken glass in a window? Order a new pane. Transition strip missing between kitchen & dining room? Get one made or hire someone to do all the little jobs you’ve needed done for years.

10.   Lastly HIRE A REALTOR: The market has seen many changes over the last few years and 2018 will be no exception. You need an informed professional to give you the latest stats, insider information on neighbourhood sales, advice on the best pricing, sale strategy, marketing tools, professional photography, and expertise on how to showcase your home properly. You want it sold fast, for the best price the market will allow and in the quickest time possible. Your Realtor can do all this and more because you already have a big job during the process: keeping the house in show condition every day, all day.

Guest Blog courtesy of Julie Sergi.

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