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A New Homeowner's Guide to Home Maintenance

 A New Homeowner's Guide to Home Maintenance

Owning a home is both a privilege and a big responsibility. Simply thinking about the number of rooms to take care of in a typical house may be overwhelming.

You can expect home maintenance needs to arise throughout the course of your life as a homeowner and the type of challenges vary throughout the seasons. For instance, Spring maintenance is slightly different from Fall maintenance. Regardless of the season, here are a few categories of home maintenance to think about as a new homeowner.

Wooden Deck
Check the wooden panels for any signs of sealant loss, cracks, or loose nails. The seal applied to different woods keeps them from getting damaged by water. Extreme conditions can cause the wood to crack. Give the deck a thorough examination to make sure everything looks good. Spill some water to see if the wood absorbs it or repels it. If it’s no longer repelling water, then it’s time to give the deck another coat of sealant. 
HVAC System
After moving into your new home, make sure to check the condition of your air filters. Dirty filters not only contain harmful pollutants, but also increase your energy bill by making the HVAC system less efficient. They can also be extremely bad for your health, especially for those with allergies or asthma. If the filters look dirty, make sure to replace them. If the situation looks complicated, consider hiring a HVAC technician to inspect the filters and replace as needed.
Exterior Paint
Paint provides a protective coating to the exterior and fittings. Check the lower and upper sections for any peeling or chipped paint. If you find a small damaged area, consider taking care of it yourself. Here are some useful tips on repairing peeling paint.

Keeping the gutters on your roof flowing is extremely important for maintaining the condition of your home. Water collected in a clogged gutter can reach inside the house through the roof. Remove the leaves, twigs and other debris from the gutters and roof valleys and then check with flowing water to ensure its clear. 

Inspect the plumbing for any leaks or worn out parts and check walls and ceilings for leakages as well. If you notice any problems areas, it’s important to hire a professional. Before calling a neighborhood plumber, check to see if your home warranty covers the repair to save yourself some money.   

Similar to the HVAC system, a malfunctioning furnace can not only increases the energy bill but may also release harmful gases into the atmosphere and make it difficult to hear your home. You can also call a HVAC technician to help you resolve any furnace-related issues.

Fire Alarms and Detectors
To avoid any unexpected disasters, check all of the smoke detectors installed in the house. Most devices have a test mode—if the alarm doesn’t ring in the test mode, replace the batteries and try again. If you have any doubts about the reliability, invest in a new one.

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Article provided by Paige A. Mitchell / Portfolio

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