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Distracted Driving & Hand-Held Devices

Distracted Driving & Hand-Held Devices

Claims related to distracted driving incidents have increased exponentially over the last number of years, and these claims are typically related to the use of hand held devices behind the wheel. 

In Ontario, deaths from collisions caused by distracted driving have doubled since 2000. One person is injured in a distracted driving collision every half hour and a driver using a phone is four times more likely to crash than a driver focusing on the road. 

Ways to avoid hand held driving distractions and comply with the law in Ontario include hands free or mounted devices in your vehicle. 

The first conviction of distracted driving can result in a fine of up to $1000, three demerit points and a 3 day license suspension. 

Additionally many insurers are looking at distracted driving as a major source of vehicle claims, and some are even changing the rating of hand held devce tickets from minor to major convictions, which in turn can have a significant impact on your insurance rates. 

Stay focused on the road when you're driving. Watch for pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. Don't text and drive. 

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